Who We Are

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  • Since 1979, we have sold exclusively to licensed persons.  Why?  Because it is professionals, like you, who have built our company.  We appreciate the loyalty and pay it back.
  • We don’t use excess packaging like boxes that will only get thrown away.  Why waste?  It just doesn’t make sense.
  • We don’t have order minimums-just try to buy 2 of a skin care item.  We built our company one aesthetician at a time.  Why make someone buy more than they need?
  • We don’t use color.  We don’t use fragrance.  We don’t use gluten.  We don’t use parabens.  We don’t use SLS.  There are many ingredients we won’t use.  We will use the finest and the best.
  • We make wonderful skin care products one small batch at a time.
  • We are like a small winery that you just discovered.  We constantly tweak what we do to make the best.  We have clients all over the world.  We don’t ever want to lose touch with you.  You and our products are what makes what we do special.  We hope we never forget that.


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