Sulfur Powder

SKIN TYPE: Excessively oil and problematic skin types.

WHAT IT IS: Sulfur powder

WHAT IT DOES:  + Helps keep germs from thriving.  + Protects infected area from airborne bacteria.  + Discourages oil gland activity.  + Helps dissolve the skin’s surface layer of dead skin cells.  + Powerful cleansing agent.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Mix 1/8 tsp of powder with appropriate Toner/Mist and apply to cleansed and exfoliated skin; focused in areas of excessive oil and pustules/papules and layer professional masque on top.  Or mix 1/8 tsp of powder to Calming Gel and brush masque thickly to entire face for a deep, oil-reducing and disinfecting treatment.  Allow masque to set for 10-12 minutes.


Silica – Highly absorbent; oil control.

Sulfur – Reduces oil activity and fights bacteria; also dissolves skin’s surface layer of dead skin cells.

NOTES: Always patch test and consult with your client to verify if they have any allergies to sulfur.  Incorporate in oily and acne skin treatments.  Professional use only.



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