RevitalEyes Peptide Serum

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SKIN TYPE:   Thin eye tissue in the eye zone for All Skin Types.

WHAT IT IS:  Specialized peptide serum immediately rehydrates the dry, delicate skin around the eye zone.

WHAT IT DOES:  +  Rehydrates and replenishes.  +  Helps prevent further environmental damage.  +  Minimizes lines and wrinkles.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply in the morning and evening following cleansing and toning.  Gently pat a small amount around full orbital area until fully absorbed.  Follow with Vivace Eye Gel in the morning and with Illuminare Eye Cream in the evening.


Caffeine -May reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline – Plant derived that provides a firming action, moisturization, and strengthens collagen fibers.  Also improves skin elasticity and combats skin damaging free radicals.

Dipeptide 2- Skin conditioner.  Works against dark circles and puffy eyes; Dipeptide 2 is believed to improve lymphatic circulation.
Glycine Soja – Soybean Protein contains essential amino acids and is a good source of protein.  Rich in minerals and vitamins.
Hesperiden Methylchalcone – Found in citrus and believed to reduce dark circles under the eyes.  Also, believed to help strengthen capillaries by increasing capillary resistance, decreasing capillary permeability, and allowing vessels to dilate more easily.
Oxidoreductase – This peptide complex significantly reduces the rate of clotting thereby reduces the appearance of dark circles by neutralizing free radicals and minimizing inflammatory processes resulting in reduced puffiness in the eye zone.
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7 – Helps to restore elasticity and lift.
Salicyol Phytosphingosine – Repairs photo aged skin and is considered an MMP (Matrix Metalloproteases) inhibitor.
NOTES:  Recommended for all persons concerned about puffiness and dark circles.  Early preventive care and delay the aging process.


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