Physical Emulsion Milk

Physical Emulsion Milk

Milk Cleanser

SKIN TYPE:  All skin types; soothing and healing for acne skin.

WHAT IT IS:  Light milk cleanser.  Desincrustation solution; alkaline pH for galvanic current.

WHAT IT DOES:  + Bioflavanoids and botanical extracts are richly blended together to cleanse and control oil.  + Comedone preventative.  + May be used with or without galvanic current for desincrustation.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply with fingertips in an upward and outward motion.  Remove with tepid water and sponge.  Follow with Aesthe pH Balancing Toner.


Allantoin – Healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  Especially well suited for acne prone skin.

Burdock Root – Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties with an ability to help regulate and normalize oil production.

Lemon – Astringent with toning properties.

Safflower Oil – Hydrating.

Sage – Anti-inflammatory, healing, stimulating and softening properties.

Watercress Extract – Reduces oil production, while acting as a moisture regulator.

NOTES:  Oil management with micro-sponge effect, yet good for dry skin too.  Especially popular among those who live or travel in high altitudes and dry climates.  Provides a true deep pore cleanse when paired with galvanic current.  Professionals will find Physical Emulsion Milk helps remove excess wax residue from clients skin because of its chemical composition.

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