We thought we would share some of the questions we get.  Maybe you will see one you were thinking, maybe you will call us and ask us a new one.

What is the origin of AESTHE Skin Care?

AESTHE Skin Care was founded to bring European aesthetics to America.  When we started near Chicago, IL in the 70’s, most states did not recognize aestheticians as a professional license.  So, we began with education and simple, locally made products from farmed plants.

Why haven’t I heard of you?

We are not about everyone knowing who we are.  That is just not who we are.  We are kind of like the people behind the scenes, our clients are on stage, and their clients are the audience.  It is about serving the professionals and ensuring that the audience has a great experience.  We do that and we do that well.

What make AESTHE Skin Care different?

The list gets long.  There is an old Inuit proverb that says the scenery only changes for the lead dog.  At AESTHE Skin Care, we are about original ideas.  We are the first international company to be completely color-free and fragrance-free.  We don’t believe in waste.  Our products don’t have wasteful excess boxes and paper.  We ship in recycled boxes.  We believe that ingredient integrity is as much about what you don’t put in as what you put in.  We are the first (and as far as we know-only) skin care company to list the pH on the front of our bottles, tubes, and jars.  We can go on, come learn more.

What about education?

Our education became so popular, we decided to spin it off as a school, The University of Aesthetics .  Then, we created another.  Then, we became accredited.  We have always gone our own way.  We believe in the efficacy of products and the promise of technology.  We learn and we teach.  We share.

How do I order?  What is the minimum etc.?

First, have a license: skin care related business or school, medical, aesthetician, or cosmetologist.  We do not sell to unlicensed persons.  We have no minimum.  We have price breakers at 3 eaches and 12 eaches.  We ship most orders out the same day.  If you order after 2 p.m., your order will probably ship the next workday.

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