Calming Mist

Calming Mist

SKIN TYPE:  Sensitive, damaged, and Rosacea skin types.

WHAT IT IS:  Finishing cleansing toner that calms and soothes skin.

WHAT IT DOES:  +  Neutralizes skin irritants.  +  Clears skin, refreshes, and soothes.  +  Calms reddened and inflamed skin.  +  Helps cool and prevents itching.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Spray or apply with gauze or cotton on properly cleansed skin.


Cucumber Extract –  Moisture-binding, tightening, softening and anti-inflammatory properties; strengthens the skin’s acid mantle.

Marigold Extract – Used to heal skin irritations due to its antiseptic, emollient and soothing properties.


Roman Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory, repairing, purifying and refreshing properties; ability to neutralize skin irritants.

NOTES:  Use immediately following cleanse every time.  Use to calm skin that has been agitated by windburn, sunburn, and hyper-sensitive skin.  Excellent to reduce redness in skin following a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment.

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