C L AHA Serum

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SKIN TYPE:  All Skin Types; especially pigmented and uneven toned skin.

WHAT IT IS:  Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid Serum.

WHAT IT DOES:  + Vitamin C helps to repair and prevent sun damage.  + AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid) encourage cellular turnover to reveal younger skin.  + Improves hydration.  + Skin-lightening properties.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Following cleansing and toning, apply small amount to fingertips to face and neck areas; focusing on sun damage areas.  Follow with your favorite Aesthe moisturizer.  Recommended use is to follow with Aesthe Après to help further guard against sun damage.


Glycolic Acid – AHA, reduces corenocyte cohesion and corneum layer thickening by facilitating the sloughing of dead skin cells; improves the skin’s texture, tone and hydration by enhancing moisture uptake.

Hyaluronic Acid – It’s water-binding capabilities and molecular structure allow the epidermis to achieve greater suppleness, increased elasticity, and turgor.

L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – Skin-lightening and anti-oxidant properties.  Can help repair sun damage and help to protect against further damage.

Lactic Acid – AHA, gently exfoliates and increases the water-holding capacity of the corneum layer resulting in softer, smoother skin; helps improve the appearance of fine lines.

NOTES:  Contains photo-protective properties with Vitamin C, AHAs to encourage cellular turnover, lighten pigmentation, and dissolve dead skin cell adhesion to reveal younger looking skin.


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