Ampul Use

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Aesthe Austrian Ampul Collection!  Aesthe Austrian Ampuls are found throughout the world in the finest clinics, resorts, spas, and educational institutions; such as The University of Aesthetics & Cosmetology. 

 Macadamia Ampuls 

Aesthe Ampuls complement aesthetic treatments by externally applying active ingredients to the skin.  Penetration efficacy may be improved via iontophoresis; massaging into the skin under ionized vapor; and by massaging directly into the skin.  For more intensive treatments, prepare the skin by thoroughly cleansing, exfoliating, and performing extractions, if necessary.  Apply the contents of the selected Aesthe ampul and follow with an Aesthe professional treatment masque.



Shake the ampul to ensure that all contents are properly mingled.  Tap the neck of the ampul to allow the contents to settle at the bottom of the ampul.  Using care to protect your hands from broken glass, hold the ampul with one hand and then break the top of the ampul at the scored mark. 



Caution!  Do not allow opened ampuls to touch skin.  After proper  cleansing protocol, break the ampul at the indicated spot, apply the contents to face, neck and décolleté and gently massage in. If you prefer, you may apply the contents of these ampuls using iontophoresis or with a steamer. Complete treatment with an  professional treatment mask for optimal results.



Do not allow opened ampuls to touch skin.  Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes.  For external use only.



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